Lavender Valley


Oil on board



My passion for lavender fields has driven me to several farms and painted plein air. The Lavender Valley farm has been on my list and I finally got to go on a sunny Saturday. I left my twins with my sweet husband at home, after a little over an hour drive and I was at the breathtaking site. However excited I was to set up to paint this view, my paint box was broeken due to the windy condition while I was trying to set up the umbrella! Now I can’t use the tripod and the umbrella, but how can I quit after all the efforts? Luckily I have an outdoor chair and wet painting carrier I could use to set up the paint ¬†box as a table for the box! It worked, but I had to kneed down to paint. I did not care how walking by visitors think of me, I was determined to paint the scene in front of me. I was happy how it turned out, but my right hand (I had glove on my left hand) reminded me how much sun I had that afternoon, because it was much darker than my left hand and got a little itchy. What an experience!

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