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Summer Sunset


9 x 12


Oil on board

This was at the beautiful Villa Catlana Cellars Art in the Garden summer event. The pink and yellow orange sky was due to the wild forest fire in the Gorge area last year, the mass amount of smoke in the air drifted to the Portland surounding area, and created a unique atmosphere. After the fun plein air in the garden, we sat and chatted with some artist friends while enjoy the beautful sunset.


Saulvie Island


11 x 14

$ 380

Oil on board

Another plein air painting done at Saulvie Island. It is such a beautiful place for plein air, and I could just turn around and find another interesting scene to paint. However, the challenge of painting outdoor is when dealing with fleeting moments, you have to paint fast or have to come back around the same time another day. The light changes, and wind picks up, things are just not the same as I started.  It took me two sessions  or two visits to get it look like this. It is always nice to go there, so peaceful!

Summer Hay Bales




oil on canvas board


This was done on a summer day with a group of local artists at Saulvie Island, portland. I was excited about my new Gamblin Cadmium Yellow Deep that day, and the warm yellow green it produces. When I saw the hay bales, I immeiduatly decided that they will be my subject, since I have seen paintings of them and always wanted to give a try myself. I am glad I did it!


Lavender Valley


Oil on board



My passion for lavender fields has driven me to several farms and painted plein air. The Lavender Valley farm has been on my list and I finally got to go on a sunny Saturday. I left my twins with my sweet husband at home, after a little over an hour drive and I was at the breathtaking site. However excited I was to set up to paint this view, my paint box was broeken due to the windy condition while I was trying to set up the umbrella! Now I can’t use the tripod and the umbrella, but how can I quit after all the efforts? Luckily I have an outdoor chair and wet painting carrier I could use to set up the paint  box as a table for the box! It worked, but I had to kneed down to paint. I did not care how walking by visitors think of me, I was determined to paint the scene in front of me. I was happy how it turned out, but my right hand (I had glove on my left hand) reminded me how much sun I had that afternoon, because it was much darker than my left hand and got a little itchy. What an experience!